Monday, September 03, 2007

Weekend in Review

-worked late (for a Friday) until 3:00 to get lots of stuff done before my last day
-home to get some stuff done

-Up around 9:30, desperately wanted to sleep later
-Rode with my parents and nephew to a friends house on the Rapidan River for a picnic, fishing, hanging out at the river, fireworks, good conversations, an all around good time

-Sunday School and Worship at Stony Point Church; said goodbye to some folks, shed some tears.
-Home for 3 minutes
-Met my friend Jess at Kitchen 64 for lunch. Was disappointed by the restaurant experience, but had a great time with Jess. If I were a food critic I'd go into detail, but nobody cares about a lay persons opinion.
-Franklin Street at 4:00, lots of great conversations, as usual.
-To my parents for a family farewell party

-Took Owen to meet a lady who might adopt her, and then give her back when we return!!! Owen will spend a couple of nights there this week for a trial run. Please say a prayer that it will work out and Owen and the three other dogs will all get along.
-Packed and did some laundry
-Went to Wal-Mart to get different containers to fly our stuff in.
-More laundry and packing
-Will continue to dread my last day of work tomorrow and try to make it through without totally losing it.

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