Thursday, July 31, 2008

Where in the world are the Murphy's?

Not Scotland, America. Virginia to be exact. We flew in July 16th and are flying back to Scotland August 4th. It's amazing to be here, we're having a fabulous time. One of the coolest things about this trip home is we brought 7 Scottish friends with us! They're having a blast

We're running around like chickens without heads doing tons of stuff. It's lots of fun, but really tiring and busy. Unfortunately we won't have time to visit all of our friends and family while we're here, which is a huge bummer, but this trip is actually more of a work trip as opposed to the last trip which was totally personal and completely determined by us.

So if we don't get a chance to hang out with you, our good friend or family member, know that we are so incredibly sad and have thought about you while we've been here, wishing we could hang out for hours.

There isn't much time to add stuff to the already full itinerary, but if you'd like to come to an already scheduled event, we'd love to have you at a cookout tomorrow! It's on a pond in Powhatan at 6:00. Send me an email (it's in the sidebar on the left) if you'd like directions.

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