Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our 5 Minutes of Fame

Actually, our 5 minutes of fame probably won't be a full 5 minutes, but we think it's pretty cool anyway! James and I are gonna be on television!

A family member of mine saw a request on TLC for crazy wedding videos and sent in our video of James's proposal. If you're one of the 5 people in our circle of friends and family who hasn't seen it, I'll sum it up for you: In 2003, I surprised James with a skydiving trip for the two of us for his birthday. He then surprised me by proposing to me while I was in mid-air by displaying a humongous sign on the ground that said, "Marry Me Jenn." The skydiving company got it all on video for us.

And we're pretty sure our friends Jeremiah, Zach, and J.R. who displayed the sign while we were ascending in the plane, will be on the show too!

So if you're near a t.v. tomorrow (May 1st) at 7:00pm or 2:00am and you have TLC, take a look and let us know how it goes. Here's the schedule. We won't be able to see it since there's no such thing as TLC in the UK.


Paul H said...

Greetings bagpipers. It's been a very eventful year in your hometown.

All Things Richmond is being reworked into an all purpose website for the City core.

Lost Art of the City has become a variety/opinion site. Love to see you either place and tell everybody in Scotland.

Anna- the mother and author said...

Great balls of fire- that's cool! Before you know it, you and James will have your own VH1 reality show, and Brett Michaels will be joining you in Scotland for "The Kilt of Love." Miss y'all!