Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It actually happened...

We got our electrical work inspected! The saga ends!

When I made the appointment for the inspection last week, I was told it would happen on Tuesday. James made sure he was there at the crack of dawn, and planned on staying until sunset if that's what it took, to make sure he was there when the inspector came by.

He came, (was very nice according to James) inspected, and approved everything except one detail that would have to be changed by the electrician. Not too much of a problem, since the electrician was such a great guy. We would just have to contact him and ask him to change some wire thingy. But then, we'd have to get a final inspection. Sort of a hassle.

But wait! Very early the next morning, James recieved a call from the inspector saying he misread something, and everything checked out OK, no need to change a thing!

Wow. Seriously, that is so awesome. Praise the Lord, because I don't think I could go through that process again.

Thanks Richmond City Inspector. You rock.

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Janet said...

Hallelujah, God is good all the time. One more paint stroke closer to Scotland. Love, Janet