Saturday, August 11, 2007

Perfect Timing on a Sad, Sad Day

My husband just made a special trip to surprise me with flowers. Not just any flowers, 18 yellow roses. My very favorite color of roses. Red roses are trite, in my opinion. I don't prefer flowers on a day of celebration, (birthday's, anniversary's, valentine's day; that also seems trite) but today was perfect timing by James: an unexpected expression of consolation for my hurting heart.

Yesterday, while researching plane tickets to Scotland, we realized It would cost at least $2,000 to get Owen to Scotland.

It was never questioned that we would take Owen with us, we couldn't bear the thought of leaving her behind. We already had to make the difficult decision to have Naomi adopted, knowing it would be too taxing on her health to fly as a result of her natural anxious state.

We've spent the last two years fulfilling the requirements for Owen to be allowed into the UK: all for nothing. There's no way we can afford the $2,000 to take her. We could barely afford it if it cost $200, with only one of us working, and tons of other expenses while we prepare to go.

It's our fault for not researching the travel expenses earlier, maybe we wouldn't have gotten our hopes up so much, just to have them crushed. Now we're faced with the difficult decision of what to do with her. But we don't really have options to choose from, it's more a case of hoping a situation presents itself. When we first realized the reality of this situation, I thought, "we have to be able to get her back." Now I know how unrealistic that it. We couldn't ask someone to take care of her for two years, get attached, just to hand her back over to us.

I guess we'll start with the re-homing section of the SPCA's website. Any other ideas?

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Valerie said...

Oh no! There has to be another choice. We will figure this out.