Friday, January 25, 2008

Goodbye Owen

Our dog Owen died. She was hit by a car last Saturday night. We miss her more than I know how to say.

Feel free to read some prior posts about our lovely girl Owen:

This one is all about how wonderful pets are.

Poor Owen had a difficult medical problem.

This is when we were planning on bringing her to Scotland.

This is when we found out we couldn't.

These are some of my favorite photos of all three of us. Even when we forced her to make silly faces for the camera, she loved being right there with us.

One week into our time in Scotland, we were really missing both Owen and Naomi.

These are some of the last pictures we took with her, days before we left Richmond.

She loved, loved, LOVED to run. Especially when it was in a place like this. Lots of times she would remind us of a gazelle the way she would fly through the air.


Allison said...

I am so sorry. That must be difficult from so far away. My prayers are with you.

Val said...

Such a pretty lady. I know you're missing her and I'm so sorry this happened.

Thinking of you always.

Anna said...

Jennifer & James- From one dog lover to two more, I am so sorry for your loss. Dogs are family members- little spirits full of unconditional love and joy. They bring so much light and love into our lives. I hope that you can focus on all the great memories you have of her, especially in your sadness. My heart really goes out to you both right now.

Andrea said...

I am so, so sorry.


ALF said...

Oh no! I am so sorry. I have lost many pets in my life and it's just so hard...